Faster, more social payments are here 💨


November 17, 2021

We've just made payments faster & more social than ever before!

You can now find, pay and #GetPaid by your friends, supporters or customers in seconds, without leaving the app.

With more and more people using VibePay every day, we've made it super easy for you to find and transact with the friends, streamers or businesses you love, all in-app.

Pay even faster ⚡

Got friends or a business you buy from, already on VibePay? You can now find and pay them in seconds in the app, no links required.

We've streamlined payments so that you can find and pay whoever you need to, without having to share a payment link via email or your messaging app.

Payment requests just got better ✍️

Need to get paid by your friends or a customer? Find them on VibePay and send them instant payment requests.

The user(s) you send the request to will immediately get a phone notification & see the request on their activity feed to pay you - which they can do in the app, in seconds.

You can send requests to one or multiple people at once, and track exactly who's paid you in your activity feed to keep on top of your money. Getting paid has never been easier.

What we're building next ✨

Profiles and connections are a huge part of our plan to bring transactions to life for everyone.

Here's some of the brand new features we're working on so you can:

  • Connect with friends, content creators & the businesses you love.
  • Share the transactions you're hyped about with your friends or followers in-app
  • Discover and react to what's being shared in your own community

We're always building for the VibePay community, so we'd love to hear any feedback or further suggestions you might have on the community forum or on our socials!

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