Get to know Stella 😀


November 17, 2021

We are delighted to welcome Stella Schwaeble to the VibePay team as our Business Developer. With her strong prior knowledge of Open Banking, she's hit the ground running and sat down with us to answer a few questions for a taste of what's to come.

What did you do before joining VibePay?

Before joining VibePay I worked in business development at two different FinTech startups.

The first: Xelix, builds AI-powered software that reduces time needed for AP auditing and reporting, whilst protecting working capital from fraudulent and erroneous invoices.

The second: Yapily, a leading Open Banking provider, where I became really passionate about the innovative potential brought about by Open Banking and I realised that I want to be on the frontline.

At both of these FinTechs I would identify new opportunities, introduce the business to new audiences and collect market demand insights to discuss with the product team.

Prior to my time in FinTech, I studied Marketing Management at University and have gained experience from a broad range of jobs including (but not limited to): being a cast member at “the most magical place on Earth”, to self-employment as a promo and events worker, to working marketing campaigns for Britain's biggest airport.

I found myself gravitating towards FinTech because the industry has the potential to be a catalyst for financial inclusion; something that I am very passionate about.

What motivated you to join VibePay?

It’s 2021 and people still find themselves stuck in the “need experience to get a job - need a job to get experience” paradox. At the same time many advances in financial technology are being used in a manner that disproportionately benefits the wealthy, the “need money to make money” paradox.

I see VibePay presenting opportunities to help with these issues: Inspiring people to create their own jobs or businesses and enabling people to get paid instantly and fairly.

I also find VibePay personally useful as a means of requesting money I’m owed from people without having to send reminders of my bank account details over Whatsapp 10+ times (yes, I’m that friend who secures tickets for things), I think more people need to get onboard.

I’m excited to join the team to help make sure VibePay is listening to its users and supporting them in the best way possible!

What is your Myers-Briggs Personality Type?

ENFP! Campaigner through and through, as you could probably tell from my last answer 😉

Where are you likely to be seen out of work?

Checking out local markets, I prefer buying from people rather than corporations and the food is usually second to none! I’ll either be there or visiting somewhere ‘cool’ I read about on Time Out.

Aside from necessities, what are three things you’d struggle without?

My friends 🌻 I am so grateful to have found people that motivate, challenge and support me. It’s so important to encourage each other to grow.

Music 🎸 I listen to music everyday for many different purposes: to boost my self-esteem, to motivate, to focus, to relax and to connect with others. There is nothing like the rush I get from finding new favorite songs or Artists. I’m currently obsessed with a band called easy life, I recently found out that they are from my hometown which makes me super proud.

Dogs 🐕 In real life, pictures and videos. Their presence just makes any day better.

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