Getting paid is getting better 💸


April 7, 2022

Let’s take a second to imagine a perfect world full of simple, easy payments. In this magical place what would you really want to see? Maybe it’s instant transfers? Free of all fees, hidden or otherwise? Maybe you’re weird and want a debit card with your face on it. Nobody judges you in the magic payment world.

Well here in VibePay Land (not actually a land, just a business) we’ve taken time to think about payment nirvana. We’ve thought long and hard about what makes lives easier for senders and receivers, and we believe we’ve found a solution.

Let us explain.

Open Banking FTW

We made the decision early on to build our product around the wonder that is Open Banking. As a quick recap, Open Banking allows 3rd parties (like us, hello! 👋) to safely connect with your bank account. This allows us to do loads of things, but at VibePay we’re most interested in offering you free and instant payments.

These free, instant, marvellous payments have been built into our award winning app (our own awards count, right?) and have been used by thousands of brilliant people. They’ve been used by friends and enemies, gamers and even people raising money for charity! In talking to this community of senders and receivers we’ve realised simple payments just aren’t good enough most of the time. Focussing on the moving of money only takes into account a tiny, little slice of the entire pizza transaction - we missed the bigger picture 🍕

Did somebody say Channels?

Channels were introduced into the app last year to help us move towards this bigger picture. We wanted a place where not only could you request money and make your payments, but see those transactions in the context that makes the most sense to you. We still have work to do, but we are sprinting Usain Bolt style into the next evolution of channels ⚡️

I’ll soon not only be able to receive money from Dave for his half in our inflatable aubergine investment, but see the conversation that lead us to that great idea in the first place. I’ll be able to react directly in our channel when he tells me it’s definitely what teenagers are looking for. And once we lose all our money we can talk about what we think went so wrong...

The future is very close and it’s very purple 🍆

Obviously me and Dave are not the only ones who will benefit from Channels 2.0.

  • Sellers will be able to offer buyers support in the same place the money was sent.
  • Group chats with friends can be filled with unpaid payment requests and unlimited banter.
  • Tattooists can try and talk you out of that ‘No Ragrets’ chest tattoo before asking for a deposit.
  • Donate to a streamer and thank them for the work they’re doing, you might get a 👍 in return.

A profile for everything

So we sat back, celebrated and waited for the awards to flood in. We now had an app with simple payments and a road map for our channels service. Job done, we thought.

But done we were not.

We soon realised that our hard-working users needed more from us. They have brands, businesses and charities all running on VibePay under different accounts. They want to send money to friends and receive money for their work at the same time, moving between accounts was a hassle they just didn't need.

So we went back to the drawing board and after drawing pictures of cats and dragons, we did some actual work and came up with a plan. We decided we could offer multiple profiles per account 🎉 Each profile will have it's own username, channels and VibeMe link. Switching between profiles will be seamless and you'll never need to logout again!

We are getting closer to showing you all this hard work our nerds devs have been doing, so keep an eye out 👀 Make sure you’re following us on all the social places for updates and let us know what you’ll be using your new profiles and channels for!

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