Great news! Broadcast Messaging is here! 📣

📣 Great news! As you may have heard late last week, Broadcast Messaging is here! 📣 

We’re thrilled to have announced a game-changing new feature in our latest update. Say hello to Broadcast Messaging - your gateway to a world of discounts from your favourite brands and businesses, unseen content from stars, news from our growing #VibeCommunity, and much, much more… 👋

Broadcast Messaging represents a vital step in our journey towards helping you channel more of what matters. At VibePay, we understand that the point at which you pay, or get paid for something only tells a fraction of the story. There is value to be added to every payment experience, both before, and after the transaction, and we are determined to make that happen… ⚡️

Broadcast Messages will empower businesses to engage with their communities and clients, with exclusive updates, discount codes and offers. All the while, offering customers and fans alike an exciting opportunity to connect with the big names and brands that they hold in highest esteem. Say goodbye to FOMO and hello to unbeatable vibes. Now that’s a win, for everyone! ✌️

Don’t just take my word for it. Update your app today to get on board, and join our Broadcast Messaging Revolution 💫📲

Thank you for being a part of our community. Good Vibes to you all,

Will 🤳✌️

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