Have you lost a VibePay profile? 🤔


June 20, 2023

VibePay+ is our brand new offering, for those members of our community who want to supercharge their side hustles. Since its introduction, some of you have noticed that a profile that you once used is no longer available without upgrading. We want to provide you with some clarity as to why this is, and let you know the steps that you can take to optimise your VibePay experience.

The first thing you should be reassured of is that, as ever, VibePay does not, and will not ever interfere with your money. Unlike some other payment apps, VibePay never holds onto, or touches your cash. Your payments go directly from one bank to another. So, even with a profile missing, the only person in receipt of money you’ve been paid, is you. This assumes your profile has a linked bank account, if it does not, or if it has expired, it will not be possible for another user to complete a payment to you. We know that a few of you were worried that not having access to one of your profiles may compromise this, and that isn’t the case.

If you previously used multiple profiles, and haven’t upgraded to VibePay+, you will currently have access to the profile that you onboarded with when you joined our community. Primarily, this is a compliance issue. We need to be able to distinguish between personal and additional accounts, as part of our obligation to the FCA. We take those responsibilities very seriously and they help us keep our community safe.

We remind all users that you can link as many banks as you’d like to the profile that you’re left with, and should enjoy the same freedom to make and receive payments as before once you’ve done so.   If you’re disappointed that you’ve lost a username that you preferred, then get in touch and we can look into amending this manually from our side. These cases will be assessed individually and usernames will be changed at our discretion if appropriate.

Thank you for your understanding,



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