Hey Siri, download 3.14 ๐Ÿ˜Ž

The latest update to the VibePay app includes some useful improvements.

On iOS, VibePay users can now add a Siri Shortcut after completing a payment. This prompt allows you to save a shortcut and, from then on, you can ask Siri to pay that user.

โ€œHey Siri, send money to Luke!โ€

Shortcuts can also be added for requesting money and for showing your VibeMe QR code. All shortcuts work from Apple's Shortcuts .

Our designers and developers have also subtly improved the Login journey. Biometric login is now active by default. Finally, a number of performance improvements have been made and a few known bugs have been fixed.

We're working on a Pro version for sellers. Help us shape our product by letting us know what you need.

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