Introducing channels 💬


November 17, 2021

Our users would have noticed a gradual upgrade and refresh of every part of the VibePay app over recent months. This week we are introducing channels.

Channels replace the 'home feed' and improve the way that users interact to pay and get paid. A channel encapsulates all interaction between two users - requests, payments, reactions, etc. - in chronological order.

Channels allow users to think of transactions in terms of the people involved, and not the mechanics of payments. This delivers on our promise of putting experience first.

Channels also have the advantage of reducing clutter and make it easy to find past transactions - users typically know who the other party in a transaction was, rather than the date or amount involved.

Finally, channels set us up to do all sorts of exciting things going forward. They are the first step in our journey to opening up a two-way dialogue between consumers and businesses in the future through our Pro offering. As a little taster, there is now a channel to hold all messages from VibePay. Also, from now on, important interactions with a bank, like linking and updating authorisation for an account, will be shown in a channel with the bank.

Watch this space, there's more to come!

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