Latest at VibePay with Luke (the better one) Gibbons 👋


June 28, 2022

As always there’s a lot going on at Vibe as we’re constantly working behind the scenes to improve the VibePay app. Over the past couple of months me and the team have been working to implement XtremePush to improve our messaging.

What is XtremePush? - I hear you ask

XtremePush is “The complete digital engagement platform. Purpose-built for multichannel marketing.” That means XtremePush lets us provide a bespoke experience for everyone on the VibePay app. Yes, you too!

How will XtremePush affect UX?

UX means ‘User Experience’ I was just showing off… Anyway, we are creating a new style of push notification which will be more on-brand and include more useful information for you guys to digest. To make sure everyone gets the most out of VibePay we can now customise each and every notification you receive.

XtremePush also allows us to analyse (anonymised) usage data in the background to understand how the app is used (nothing sensitive don’t worry!). That way, we can concentrate on improving the app where it matters.

To summarise for the skim readers out there… 👀

  • New push notifications 💬
  • More data for future updates 🚀
  • Bespoke user journeys 🤓
  • Easy to create immediate notifications ⏰
  • Campaigns for particular days e.g VIbePayFridays 👀

What else have I been up to?

Testing & data! As you can imagine lots of testing is needed when rolling out new features like this. Our QA expert Joseph always does a smashing job, but we all make a collaborative effort when testing to see if there are any bugs we missed. We break it so you don’t have to.

Oh, and we also recently started using Tableau, the leading data analysis platform. Edge of your seat stuff. Warren* is getting our data configured on a lovely dashboard so we can monitor the app’s performance, as well as many other things I won't bore you with!

*Warren is a technical wizard and looks like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

To conclude

Don’t worry, I'm nearly done! We have loads more exciting things coming on our roadmap, I personally can’t wait for these new push notifications to be live. For you guys and for us! In the meantime we are all working super hard to get this update out and then we move onto the next thing! I thoroughly believe in VibePay's vision and the service that we provide, I will continue to work to the best of my ability to bring that into fruition!

Thanks for reading,

Luke Gibbons (at least in the top 3 Luke’s at VibePay)

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