Link Your Bank. Make Bank 💸


February 19, 2024

The newest version of VibePay makes it easier than ever before to link your banks. But why is this so important?

Linking your bank accounts to VibePay is crucial to ensure you access fee-free, instant transactions. It’s how you’ll get the best out of our app. Once you have linked an account, you’ll be able to get paid and send messages instantly, making your money talk. 🥇

A Vibe is now a Verb

Once there’s a bank connected to your account, and associated with your #VibeMe link, you’ll never have to share fiddly sort codes and account numbers again. We believe in keeping your personal details personal. Getting paid shouldn’t cost a thing, least of all your privacy, so you won’t have to hand out email addresses or phone numbers anymore, either.

Insights are coming

Spending insights are coming to VibePay, soon, too. This means that having your banks linked can help you to track what you spend the most on. A holistic view of your finances, every month. This tool will help you see where your money is going and we’ll be providing some handy tips to make your money go further in the coming weeks.

Safety first

Safety is always a main focus so always make sure when you are making payments, you know who and why you are doing so. If you receive a payment request you are unsure about, make sure you follow up with any questions you have within the VibePay channel direct to the user. Always remember, VibePay NEVER holds onto your money.

Why stop at one account? 🤷‍♂️

VibePay is bank agnostic, meaning it doesn’t matter how many bank accounts you have, or who you bank with, you can channel what matters most to you, with all of your money in one handy place. It’s pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves 😎

Go ahead, link your bank(s), and start #GetPaid today!

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