Make a child’s Christmas with VibePay and Cotton Court 🎁


December 7, 2022

Hi team, hope you’re well. As you may have seen already through our social media channels, we are proudly supporting a really special charitable cause this festive season. I’d like to take a few minutes to explain to you why it’s so important to us, and what you, our #VibeCommunity can do to lend a helping hand.

VibePay’s roots are firmly planted in Lancashire. This year, alongside CottonCourt, we are helping to make sure that the young people that Barnardo’s support here have a gift to open on Christmas morning. CottonCourt have supported Barnardo’s in this endeavour for a decade now. The unfortunate truth is, this year, your generosity is needed more than ever, as families feel the squeeze of the cost of living crisis.

Barnardo’s supports children who may have been estranged from their families, or in instances where their families cannot afford to support them. By providing kids, teenagers and young adults with gifts to open on Christmas morning, they are reminded that they are cared for, valued and remembered, in what is such a special, but sometimes a lonely time of year. Gift Appeal supporter Lester Short, from Lester Developments said

“Every year I get involved with the Cotton Court Gift Appeal in aid of Barnardo’s, it’s always important remember the true spirit of Christmas and do something for those less fortunate at this time of year"

As well as having made a donation of our own, VibePay are proud to have been named as the official donation partner for this special campaign, and donations to the cause can be made using this VibeMe link:

We have been touched by donations already made by our community. Please, give if you are able, and make a real difference to a young person's Christmas.

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