Marketing for a business building on Open Banking 🤩

At VibePay, we’re building a new payment and data ecosystem directly on Open Banking.

Below you’ll learn how consumers and businesses are at the core of everything we do, understand how we’re delivering value and our marketing approach to making Open Banking solutions the go-to answer for insights and payments.

We’re proud to be championing financial innovation which offers both consumers and businesses alternatives to traditional payment rails and that delivers them additional value every step of the way.

Routes to market

We have two interconnected routes to market.The first is marketing directly to creators, streamers & social sellers, and the second is targeting businesses who want to turn our users into their customers.

Reaching digitally-savvy consumers

Our consumer app delivers seamless account-to-account transactional experiences, and we’re focused on reaching and serving the growing creator economy e.g. streamers and social sellers.

These users have a need to get paid frequently and want a solution to overcome the common challenges of:

  • Delayed payment settlement
  • Clunky transactional journeys
  • Avoidable transaction fees

We’ve designed a product and user experience that enables users to seamlessly power their transactions through simple account-to-account payment links or integrations.

Prior to VibePay, they would list on a platform, advertise on another, transact on a third, and then check their online banking, moving between four different ecosystems. VibePay has designed a user experience that enables its users to bypass this context switching.

By effectively communicating the benefits of a payment ecosystem built on Open Banking via engaging and relevant content, we’ve seen instant positive reactions and adoption, such as our recent StreamElements integration.

For this use case, we built an integration to enable streamers to link their VibePay accounts to receive donations from their community instantly where they could keep 100% of their donations, remove the risk of chargeback fraud and easily gain full visibility of those transactions. It was well received and started conversations on social led by influencers such as JME.

Serving brands targeting our audience

Our business platform serves the growing small and micro-business market, and targets direct-to-consumer brands.

We understand that these brands are focused on their social media presence.

They typically sell directly on socials and hosted sites such as Wix, Shopify, Magento etc. So, we've built seamless chat payment links and we’re integrating directly with site builders (launching soon) to unlock the all the benefits of account-to-account payments for brands.

In tandem with this, we know the number one challenge these brands face is customer acquisition at a low unit cost, so we’re building tools to enable brands to engage with the thousands of customers in our community.

Network effects bring users

Both our app users and business customers share the need to #GetPaid.  This organically drives new transacting users to the VibePay ecosystem.

The more people a user can pay, and the more places they can use VibePay to pay and get paid, the more valuable the service becomes for everyone.

We are fully focused on simultaneously driving adoption for both our app users and business partners & customers, as we know that both are key components to reaching the critical number of users required for the new payment and data ecosystem we’re building (directly on Open Banking) to reach its potential and add exponential value, even more rapidly.

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