Money Talks: The UK’s most generous cities ranked 💸


March 15, 2024

Ever been in need of a friend to lend a fiver and thought: I couldn’t be in a worse place? Our latest survey takes a deep dive into the most, and least generous cities in the UK, when it comes to lending money to our nearest and dearest.

In 2019, we conducted a study that concluded that the average Brit loses out on £98 a year, by lending money to friends that is never recouped. Five years on, with an app that’s equipped to make money a more social, approachable topic, we’re still keen to understand why this happens, and WHERE it happens most. Does your town make the list?

  • Cardiff residents are the most likely to have fallen out over money, with 40% of those in the Welsh capital saying they had done… 😬🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
  • Southampton tops the list in terms of generosity, with 85% of its residents ready to lend money to a mate 🛳️
  • Norwich, Cardiff, Glasgow and Belfast aren’t far behind, with 80% or more of their respective populations willing to lend. There's generosity to be seen across all four corners of the UK! 🇬🇧
  • Meanwhile, cities such as Nottingham, Newcastle and Leeds are much less likely to do the same, with over 30% not answering ‘yes’ when asked about lending money to pals… 😬😳

76% of us feel awkward when asking a friend or loved one to pay you back when they have borrowed some cash. It’s a tricky subject to get right, but it’s one that costs us money, and friendships! It’s something we all need to get better at. A quarter of us say that we don’t want to have to ask for it back, because it feels difficult, or awkward. One in three would rather ask for money they’re owed over the phone, or with a text message instead of confronting their friends face to face.

Messaging in VibePay channels makes your money talk, and cash more conversational. It’s a social, and friendly way to say it, where you pay it. We all need to get better at talking about money, to save us dough, and the relationships that matter most to us.

Where does your town rank, how do you feel about lending to or borrowing from mates? Let us know!

Sending good vibes, always.

Will ✌️

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