New year? New update (and loads, loads more) 🎉

As 2022 drew to a close, the world had seen the Open Banking framework expand into 80 nations. 2023 also promises a whole host of exciting changes here at VibePay and the first is available to download now. Whilst the rest of us were tucking into Christmas lunch, team Vibe were applying the finishing touches to a new version of our app. Version 3.17.30 boasts a refreshed UI for your linked bank accounts, updated navigation, optimisation for channels and bug fixes. Why not hit update, now. By the time you’ve finished reading this, it’ll be ready to launch…

2023… The year we slide into DMs

We’re working towards integrating direct messaging into channels… Exciting, we know. This is a really important step towards making money more conversational. Whether your mate owes you for last night’s taxi, or you want to drop a personal thank you to your favourite seller, we’re certain you’ll say it better with a direct message.

Sponsored channels. Your favourite brands in the palm of your hand.

January has seen our team working hard to lay foundations for sponsored channels within our app. This represents an exciting opportunity to put groundbreaking open banking technology in the hands of your favourite brands and retailers, whilst putting exclusive offers and discounts in yours. You deserve it, after all.

These are long term projects that embody VibePay’s long term super-app strategy. All of your money in one place. No fuss. No fees. No delays. Better vibes. Always.

Oh yeah, and the refresh button is back. You’re welcome!

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