Regulating Open Finance: What’s the Vibe?


October 6, 2023

What’s in the news?

In recent news, American financial powerhouse Fidelity has made headlines by cutting off access to Plaid, the California-based digital payments giant that has been powering fintech products for the past decade. This bold move by Fidelity is designed to promote their in-house financial aggregator, Akoya. But what does this mean for consumers and the ideals of Open Finance?

For years, the fintech and open finance landscape has thrived on ideals of innovation, competition, and choice. These principles have fostered a dynamic and growing ecosystem, offering consumers lower costs and a greater breadth of options. Fidelity's decision to prioritise Akoya over Plaid has sparked controversy, as it appears to limit consumers' ability to choose their preferred financial aggregation provider. This raises a vital question: does this move begin to undermine the goals of Open Finance, which seek to empower consumers and give them more control over their financial data and decisions?

The Battle of Regulation vs. Competition

In the midst of this debate, the role of regulation in the open finance space comes into sharp focus. Regulation isn't just about meeting security standards and safeguarding consumer privacy; it also plays a crucial role in ensuring fair competition. Fidelity's approach in this instance seems to be anti-competitive, potentially eroding the very principles that have driven the success and growth of our market.

Why We Stand for Fairness and Freedom at VibePay

At VibePay, our core values have always centred on fairness and freedom. We believe in empowering our users with choices when it comes to their data sharing and payments. As we prepare to make our mark in other territories and markets occupied by Fidelity and others, including the US, we remain committed to advocating for these values.

The Fidelity-Plaid showdown serves as an important reminder: That the fintech world is continually evolving, and as consumers, we must stay informed and engaged in discussions surrounding the future of our financial choices.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights into the ever-exciting world of fintech and Open Finance. Your financial freedom matters, and together, we can shape the future of finance!

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