See ALL your money in one place 😇

We're super excited to announce our latest feature to level up your money and payments. Update your VibePay app now!

Full visibility on all your accounts 👁️

Link your bank accounts in seconds and instantly see your money in, expenses & spending.

The new 'Accounts' feature lets you see all your money in one place, so you can keep track of what's going on with your money even more easily & make your money work harder for you.

Enhanced payment tracking ✅

Ever wanted to double check which account one of your friends, customers or supporters paid into?

Your balances and transactions update seamlessly with any VibeMe and Payment Links you share. So, you can confirm payments when they reach any of your linked bank accounts.

What's coming next? ✨

We're working hard on exciting new features to help you #GetPaid and do more with your money.

So, watch this space for: useful insights to make your money work harder for you, features to power your side-hustle, helpful tips to help you reach your money goals...and more.

Get started! Download the latest version of the app and link your banks now.

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