Share transactions, enhanced profiles + more 💭

We've built a payments ecosystem that lets you get paid faster & more easily than ever before. Now we're focusing our energy on bringing your transactions and profile to life. 🚀

"These initial features lay the technical groundwork that will let us really elevate user profiles & transactions to another level and make the app even more watch this space!" Jack W, Lead App Developer

Find out what's coming out today, and what these features are going to evolve into:

Start sharing transactions

Did you snag tickets for that sold-out-in-seconds gig? Pumped about those trainers you just ordered? Paid one of your suppliers?

We've started with a feature that let you share your transactions wherever you are online. This works any transaction you've made using any of your linked bank accounts (not just VibePay payments!).

Right now: Hit share on a transaction, and the app instantly creates a screenshot of the payment including Payee Name, Amount, Date and the Bank Account you paid. Share it anywhere!

What's coming:

  • You'll be able to share transactions you're hyped about with your friends or followers in-app
  • Discover and react to what's being shared in your own community
  • Send even more detailed transaction information should you want to

Enhanced profiles

We're making your personal profile a core part of your VibePay account so you can do more with your transactions.

Right now: Sharing your VibeMe link now sends anyone who clicks on it to your profile page where they can send you money and see your basic public info.

What's coming:

  • Find, follow and connect with your friends on VibePay
  • Share all the transactions you love on your profile
  • Be inspired by what's being shared by your friends and followers

Split your transactions

Just paid for the Airbnb for your summer hols?  Or cover your friend that time their pesky phone ran out of battery?

Right now: Tap on any of the transactions you've made from a linked bank account, and you'll see an option to split that payment by instantly creating a payment request.

What's coming:

  • Send split payment requests directly to your contacts on VibePay (without links!)
  • Choose how many people you need to split the bill with, and we'll work out exactly how much each person owes you.
  • Split bills unevenly (e.g. £65 / £35)

Try it out! Download the lastest version of VibePay now.

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