Staying safe from scams.

We’re thrilled that so many of you are choosing VibePay to buy and sell items. Our instant, fee free payments mean that you get paid on time and in full, and channels mean that you can make your money talk, too. It’s a no brainer!

With that being said, looking after our community is our top priority, so I wanted to share a few pieces of advice to make sure that the vibes remain positive, and that you’re safe when you’re side-hustling.

  1. Remember that all VibePay transactions are instant. If you haven’t received your money, do not send the item! Our use of #OpenBanking means that you’ll always get paid straight away. The absence of a payment indicates the absence of a transaction having taken place. Don’t send anything until the money is in your linked bank account.
  2. All correspondence from VibePay will come from email addresses ending in Anything else is an imitation. If you do see something suspicious, please flag it to us, but don’t interact any further with potential scammers.
  3. We won’t ever ask you for personal details, or further information regarding a transaction. This includes email addresses and shipping codes. We believe that transactions shouldn’t cost you your anonymity, which is why we’ll never ask you for anything more than a #VibeMe link.
  4. There are times when using VibePay isn’t appropriate. When using websites like depop and Vinted, paying, or being paid for items outside of their native payment methods may sacrifice your rights to buyer/seller protection. VibePay don’t believe in middlemen, and never hold onto your money, so we are unlikely to be able to retrieve it for you if you’ve misplaced it.

Keep spreading good vibes, and sidehustling hard. You guys are smashing 2024 so far.

Best wishes,


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