Streamlining in-app payments ✌️

With the VibePay community and user base rapidly growing, we’re working on making it even easier for friends, content creators and businesses to pay and #GetPaid using VibePay - without ever having to leave the app.

Our seamless account-to-account payments mean that bank account details, cards or e-wallets are no longer required to get paid, and that traditional costly payment processing middlemen can be avoided.

With those out the way, we’re working further on streamlining payments by making it even easier to transact within the VibePay app and by adding additional value before and after every transaction for both users and businesses.

There’s more people using VibePay

As more and more people and businesses have started using the app to get paid super conveniently, we’re also seeing more existing users and businesses who haven’t transacted together before, pay each other for the first time.

At the same time, we’ve seen that loads of us use VibePay to pay or send payment requests to the same people multiple times; from friends and family to streamers or businesses.

Enter direct payments and requests

We wanted to make it even faster for people already using VibePay to send and request money to and from each other.

Previously, you’d find a user’s profile link or payment request link they’d shared with you via a messaging app, and go from here. This journey is perfect for inviting anyone who isn’t on VibePay yet to pay you.

We saw that we could streamline that journey for existing users by building direct payment and request functionality in the app, where we could skip having to send or click a payment link anywhere.

So, our new direct in-app payments let you:

  1. Find the friend, creator or business you want to transact with in the app
  2. Directly send them a payment request or a payment
  3. They’ll immediately be notified of the payment or payment request via a push notification & on their activity feed.

All this enables you to send payments and payment requests faster than ever before!

What’s coming next

The technical user, discovery and social profile groundwork we’re doing now lays the foundation for a whole host of brand new features that will bring transactions to life and will make the app even more useful.

Keep your eyes peeled for update v3.10 dropping soon!

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