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The breakdown 1️⃣

May 19, 2024
5 min read

Hi all, it’s Will here. I’m delighted to be sending you the first instalment of The Breakdown, a weekly newsletter from Vibe that will keep you abreast of all we’re doing here, as well as the hottest talking points in the fintech and open banking space. I’ll see you every Thursday, as we look ahead to the weekend, and of course, VibePay Friday… Have a good one!

Get paid from your instagram bio with a #VibeMe link

Earlier this week, we saw the news that instagram will begin to allow up to five links in profile bios. This will come as welcome news to small sellers and business account holders. Bios will now boast more of what matters. Responding to the news, VibePay CEO Luke Massie said: “It’s good to see @instagram allowing up to 5 links In bios. This will help more @VibePay users get paid in the places they are interacting in, by using their personalised #VibeMe links. It also means that people can now bypass both marketplace platform fees as well as payment processing fees that often make selling feel like it’s more hassle than it’s worth”. At Vibe, we firmly believe that creators, sellers and hustlers should be keeping more of what they earn, especially in the midst of a challenging economic climate. We’re looking forward to seeing more #VibeMe links, front and centre of your instagram profiles, as we lead the charge to changing the way we get paid.

Can we bank on artificial intelligence?

Neobanks are beginning to outperform their longer established legacy bank counterparts. The familiar names that dominated our high streets not so long ago, now reside comfortably in the palm of our hands, with our cards neatly tucked away in digital wallets of Apple and Google’s design. For many of us, cash almost seems a thing of the past. Undoubtedly, the way we are banking is changing.

Here at VibePay, we are keen to see the way we handle, discuss, send and receive money change for the better, too. The way we get paid is due for an overhaul, and we’re proud to be leading that charge, with instant payments that are free of fuss and fees. But how far would you be happy to see banks innovate in the pursuit of change? Artificial intelligence has represented the dominant discussion point in the tech space in 2023, spearheaded by ChatGPT, leading us to wonder: would you trust AI to handle your money?

ICYMI ‘Dear CEO…’ The FCA’s letter to Fintech, and what it meant for VibePay

Speaking to FinTech Insider News earlier this month, VibePay founder and CEO Luke Massie revealed the details of a recent letter from the financial conduct authority. VibePay were one of around 300 payment companies in receipt of this letter, which reinforced the need for stringent and robust controls to protect consumers, and their money. Given that many of you will have read about this letter in the news, this feels like a pertinent time to remind our community of our values and priorities. VibePay does not touch, hold or interfere with your funds, as Luke explained to the FinTech Insider panel. “The things the letter asked for are not relevant to us”.

With the letter arriving amidst a turbulent financial climate, Massie reiterated VibePay’s belief in consistent standards: “the timing of the letter was obviously linked to fear in the market”, but that “what they’ve asked for in their letter should be the same, irrespective of what's happened with the banks”.

Your payments will always be safe, fuss and fee-free with VibePay.

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