The Breakdown 2.0


May 4, 2023

Good afternoon team! It’s Will here. I trust you’re all enjoying the prospect of two consecutive long weekends and making the most of the improving weather. I’m writing to you having spent a morning testing VibePay+ alongside the rest of our team. If you haven’t had the chance to read last week’s email update, it offers a really insightful look into the processes that shape our app and the role that our community will play in its continued development. Those processes are ongoing, and will be coming to fruition very, very soon. Here’s what we’ve been up to, alongside some other news from within the fintech space…

Testing, testing…

This week, the team are testing VibePay+ in the QA environment to iron out any creases, and squash a few bugs before we put it into your hands. Channels feel faster and more efficient than ever, and are supported by a bolstered back end that can comfortably prop up the new functionality that VibePay+ boasts. Your channels are soon to be supercharged with powerful messaging capability that sits neatly alongside the frictionless, fee-free payments that you have come to know and love.

Open Banking, the future we’re shaping…

Last month, the government released a report detailing the next steps for open banking. We’re really pleased to see that the charge we’re leading is being recognised, by the treasury as well as the FCA who are jointly calling for the growth of open banking in the UK. Whilst recognising that significant progress has been made already, the report makes recommendations that pertain to increased accessibility around the country, and assurances as to the mitigation of financial crime and consumer safety. You can read the report in full here.

Enjoy a bank holiday fit for a King (or Queen). I’ll see you tomorrow for #VibePayFriday…

Sending good vibes as always,


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