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The team is growing and we're hiring! šŸ‘‹

May 19, 2024
5 min read

Our talented tech team who build and run our technology here at VibePay is growing, find out who's joined us below.

And we're on the lookout for more innovative and dynamic individuals to join our tech and marketing teams including:


Meet Tom Freeborough: Front-end developer

Tom is the newest addition to the tech team at VibePay. Here's what he's about:


Chat a bit about your career background leading up to VibePay?

I've got my first taste working in the startup space 6 years ago, and I haven't left since. In that time I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing teams working on innovative and disruptive tech in ever-interesting and wide ranging sectors from mental health and streaming all the way to drone delivery software. Ā 


What are you most excited about getting started working on?

I'm really looking forward to contributing to the technological innovation that's happening at VibePay and combining all that with amazing user experience that our users will love.


What the most-used app on your phone right now?

Maybe Telegram, but definitely a lot of OS Maps too. Iā€™m lucky to live in a rural area, and there are so many public rights of way that I didn't know existed before I started using the app. Being able to plan, plot and follow different routes has been a great way to keep walks interesting.


What's your go-to guilty pleasure purchase?

A friend of my partner has recently opened a cake shop with her daughter in town and they make the best brownies I've ever had, so that's becoming a thing.


Any lockdown achievements to your name?

In September I talked myself into building an office in the garden from scratch (I've been remotely working for 5 years). The whole project took ~12 weeks total from planning to building to checking into work from my new desk. Its was an amazing journey and I'd recommend anyone to give it a go if you think you've got the skills.

Here's a picture of the office the day after I installed the decking:


Meet Yunis Ali: Senior Node.js Developer

We took (an acutal) 30 seconds to catch up with Yunis. Here's what he had to say


What are you most excited about getting started working on at VibePay?

Open Banking has the potential to add real universal value to people in all walks of life, so building a payments and data platform which reduces current barriers to entry for everyday people is really exciting.


What have you been up to before joining us?

Career-wise I've been fortunate to work for a really wide range of businesses as a computer scientist over the past decade.


What's the most-used app on your phone right now?

YouTube, for sure. Ā 


What's in your guilty-pleasure food drawer?

Easy. Walkers Max-Paprika or Monster Munch Roast Beef crisps. A cheeky Rustlers Burger. Anything Cadbury's. And a crate of Doom Bar.


Tell us something unexpected about you?

I was once part of a choir. If you've heard me sing, that would definitely check the unexpected box.

Want to join us? If you're interested in disrupting the payments industry and building the future of payments, you can find our current openings here.


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