Update now to get your personalised VibeMe link! 🔗


April 7, 2022

Profile switching is here 🎉 Gone are the days of sending your face and name out to clients and subscribers - keep that for the friend group. Our latest app update lets you create up to 3 new profiles, each with their own display name, custom VibeMe link and channel list. Switching between them is a piece of cake 🍰

Did someone say they want a custom VibeMe link? Absolutely you did. It’s been the most requested feature for decades and we’re finally releasing it into the wild! After updating you can change your boring link to anything you want. First come first served, so be quick 💨

As always, we’ve made the app look and work better. You’re welcome! We have fixed some bugs, not all of them, but some. If you spot any we missed give us a shout 👀

Heard enough? Head on over to our app download's page to get started today!

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