VibePay announce new London content studio! 😍


September 20, 2022

Whoop Whoop, here at VibePay, we are delighted to announce some exciting news! As further commitment to our central goal of building a loyal #VibeCommunity of friends and family, we have appointed a dynamic new marketing team along with opening Vibe’s very own new content and production studio in Notting Hill, London. Content and community is key in any direct-to-consumer brand and #Fintech is no different. As a brand and community, we are defined by our disruptive boldness: by doing things differently, and better. We’re so excited to share this with you, and can’t wait for you to enjoy the rewards that we’re certain it is going to bring.

When we took our TikTok to the streets of London, and chatted cash on Carnaby Street, we garnered more than five million organic views in less than a month. Our new studio brings a renewed focus to this kind of premium content, designed for a generation that consumes its content on the screens that we keep in our pockets. Encompassing an array of different formats, including games, challenges and long form interviews, this is a step which will help to ensure that VibePay is recognised as a business-critical tool for the world’s most prominent streamers, sellers and creators.

Our #VibeCommunity can look forward to cutting-edge content, featuring Gen-Z’s household names, and meticulously produced by highly skilled creatives, across Instagram, Tiktok, Discord, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. We are beyond buzzing to be able to use our furthered reach and capabilities to shine a spotlight on the businesses and  consumers who use VibePay, and form the backbone of our community. We know how to go viral, elevate Vibe voices, and get us all heard above the noise. We want to reinforce the relationship we enjoy with our audience, whilst growing it around the world. It’s a win for us all.

Our new studio, content and production team represents a truly exciting opportunity to grow and strengthen ties within our #VibeCommunity and we want to make sure you guys get as much out of it as you can! So, please let us know any feedback you have; What do you want to see? Who should be working with? What can we do to promote VibePay businesses and consumers using VibePay to #GetPaid, right now. Let us know @VibePay, thanks!

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