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We're Wix ready 💪

May 19, 2024
5 min read

Over the last 6 months we’ve been working hard to build our checkout solution and integrate with the large e-commerce platforms, the first integration being Wix.

We know that many of the small business community build their websites on Wix due to the ease of configuring with their plug and play style web platform. Over 50% of the 75,000+ websites on Wix in the UK have less than 3 employees.

What we've been building: 🔨

Our developers in recent weeks have now managed to integrate Wix into our sandbox (testing environment) and are testing the payment flow along with a number of API endpoints.

Our last sprint included:

  • Created and Configured a new sandbox deploy environment
  • Added sandbox deploys to our development CI scripts
  • Designed and developed a signing security mechanism for inter service communications to allow for trusted request origins
  • Designed and developed a mechanism whereby the sandbox environment can pull organisation definitions from its associated live deployment
  • Configured ngrok to allow us to connect external integrations directly to locally running environments for debug and testing purposes
  • Did an initial pass on Wix integration requirements against both sandbox and live configurations and wrote up issues arising
  • Some issues were minor implementations bugs but others were specification changes on the Wix side
  • Corrected Wix implementation bugs and spec changes
  • Implemented a new bill cancellation mechanism to allow integration bills (and in the future normal bills) to be cancelled before the customer has paid.
  • Implemented UI changes to give more information about payment cancellations

#GetPaid with Wix 💸

If you’re a business interested in using VibePay as a checkout option on your Wix website then please contact for more information and how you can be included in our waiting list.

Throughout the remainder of 2021 we will be pushing to integrate other e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Ecwid and BigCommerce. However if there are platforms that you really want to see VibePay integrated on please also contact the team.

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