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What we’re building: pay-by-bank integrations and plugins 🔌

May 19, 2024
5 min read

At VibePay, we're building fairer and faster payment experiences that add value to everyone involved.

Site builders power millions of websites in the UK & Europe and provide SMBs with easy access to the tech stacks they typically require to launch and grow.

Our Pay-by-Bank checkout integrations empower growing businesses who are the most at risk from traditional payment terms, delays and high processing fees.

"As a small business owner, I just can't be waiting for our money" Charlie, Lucky Sevens Barbershop

And that’s just the beginning. We’re building the tech to enable payment integrations to seamlessly connect customers with the businesses they love, and offer both parties with mutually helpful, effective and inspirational ways to engage with one another.

Instant settlement helps SMBs grow 🚀

Business owners need to #GetPaid. For far too long, getting paid has been a cost centre which additionally presents real cash flow and liquidity challenges for SMBs.

Account-to-account real-time payments which offer merchants instant access to their funds simply enables merchants to act faster to opportunities and challenges.

From purchasing inventory and investing in their business to paying wages, suppliers and debts on time, instant settlement empowers SMBs via improved cash flow.

Seamless customer checkout experiences ⚡

VibePay checkouts leverage Open Banking technology to enable customers to pay  businesses on hosted sites directly from their banking app in seconds.

That means customers can checkout without ever having to:

  • Locate card details
  • Remember e-wallet login credentials
  • Input fiddly account numbers or sort codes.

Offering customers a convenient, high converting payment option benefits both businesses and their customers.

A new way to connect with customers 💡

With VibePay, payments are just part of an experience that seamlessly connects customers with the businesses they love.

From messaging and customer insights to product discoverability, we’re building the social features that will give customers and businesses helpful, effective and inspirational ways to connect at the right moments.

We've got more exciting announcements coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled for our next updates!

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